Reasons Why a Foldable Bike Is the Best Commuter Bike

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Folding bikes have come a long way in the last 20 years or so. Folding bikes, or ‘Folders’ as they are known in the rather tight knit community that has sprung up around them are not the old heavy, hard to ride, ugly monsters they used to be. These days the performance is almost similar to their bigger more rigid cousins. Well, not quite, but close enough.

Not all Folders are created equally, however. Not all of them will fold down in seconds or fit in a suitcase, and generally speaking even the cheapest 15kg dinosaur will set you back at least $500, while a truly lightweight compact one will cost at least $1000.

That may seem expensive initially and may leave you wondering why you’d even think about investing in a folding bike but they do have a lot of advantages over their larger traditional style bicycles.

Maybe after you’ve read this list, you’ll be convinced too.

So here are the best 10 reasons to buy a folding bike to commute:

But here’s the thing: With a folding bike you can, and there’s less chance it will be stolen by bicycle thieves. Most compact folding bikes are small enough that they will remain virtually unnoticed either beside or under your desk, and your colleagues won’t even notice it’s there.

You can’t take it with you when you go

Folding bikes will make you look cool

Once you know how to fold your bike down and up with your eyes closed, you will also look like a boss when you collapse your folding bike in less than 20 seconds, pick it up and walk into the office, swiftly bypassing the other cyclists wrestling with their chains and padlocks and dismantling saddles and wheels in an effort to make sure no one steals them.

Accelerate off the line like Usain Bolt

Oh yeah! It’s just physics. Most folding bikes have smaller wheels than their grown up counterparts. This means you’ll never outpace some guy with big ordinary wheels over distance, you can take off like you’re entering Hyper-Space.

Folding bikes are extremely practical

Hopping on and off public transport at will gives you freedom and independence from having to be an unwilling participant in the daily commuter rat race, and get wherever you want to get to in the city quicker than you ever thought possible.

Folding bikes are convenient and save space, on the Subway and in the home

Whether you live in London, New York, or Tokyo, folding bikes are the ultimate space saver. Most folders can pack down so small you can fit them in the trunk of a car, and pretty much take them anywhere. The flipside of this is that you can store them anywhere as well, which can be a perfect solution for those living in apartment buildings where space is at a premium

Low maintenance cost

Make sure your tires have air in them, your lights are charged, and your chain is oiled, and that’s pretty much it for looking after a folding bike. You don’t have to rent out parking spots, pay insurance, buy gas, and should you ever need a bike mechanic, you’ll find that:

Folding bikes don’t depreciate in value

That’s right, folders have a really high resale value. They just don’t lose money, not really. When the day comes and you either want to upgrade to a full sized bike, or have decided to go live in a rainforest, you can sell your bike on and only lose about a $100.

In that respect, buying a folder is like a mini investment. Don’t ask me why they don’t go down in value, they just don’t

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